What is Prisology?

Who We Are

The criminal justice system is broken and on track to cost $2 trillion in the next ten years, while showing little good for all the expense.

Prisology is a national non-profit organization dedicated to fixing that system, for the benefit of taxpayers, policymakers, prisoners, ex-offenders, their families … and for the good of our entire nation. 

Prisology Is Instituting Vitally Needed Reform Through:

We rally supporters, helping them focus their energies and efforts on practical, cost-saving criminal justice reforms.

We reach out to policymakers and lawmakers, working with them to find fair and equitable solutions to criminal justice issues.

We push for reform through the courts and legal system when resistance to reasonable, pragmatic change is too entrenched.

We combat misinformation and report accurately about criminal justice issues through Prison Speak, our online news magazine, and Prisology Press, our book publishing arm.

Be A Part Of Change

Prisology is allied for positive change with its members and with the many advocates, activists, lawmakers and good people willing to stand up and speak out against the injustices of America’s criminal justice system. 

The human and monetary waste perpetrated by that system is huge, but it is not irreparable. Join us in achieving our vision for a fair, humane, and efficiently run criminal justice system – where permanent rehabilitation, not perpetual punishment, is the goal. Together, we can implement real change.