What is Prisology?

America houses 25% of the world’s prisoners – the highest incarceration rate anywhere – higher than China, Iran or Russia. Over 7 million people are doing time, on probation or parole within a dysfunctional U.S. correctional system that has “corrected” very little, but still costs taxpayers $210 billion yearly.

Ex-offenders face job and housing biases, are denied basic government services, and many end up back in jail. People who have done their time and paid their debt deserve the chance to show that they have changed.

The criminal justice system is broken. Prisology and its tens-of-thousands of supporters are striving to fix it. This is good for the incarcerated, ex-offenders, their families, their states and communities. Simply put, repairing our criminal justice system is good for America.

Prisology, a national tax-exempt non-profit organization, recognizes that change only comes from the ground up, and is found first in the hearts of people like you. The problems of our criminal justice system are huge, but not unsolvable.

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