Legislators, policymakers, and regulators struggle today against a broken criminal justice system: Corrections facilities are crowded and budgets overspent, but costs grow, while recidivism rates are among the highest in the world.

Studies show that crime is not reduced by lengthy imprisonment, by a criminal justice system with only rudimentary rehabilitation programs, or by minimal assistance offered for societal reentry.

It’s vital that we reduce prison populations, while helping ex-offenders become productive, responsible citizens, so costs can be cut and society can benefit.

Unfortunately, some continue calling for tougher sentences, and urge against “coddling” prisoners, denying mental health counseling, drug treatment, vocational programs, and other services freely available to the general public – services vital to rehabilitation.

Prisology advocates for sensible criminal justice policy – and offers support to policymakers seeking pragmatic, humane, fiscally wise criminal justice system reforms. 

Prisology’s grassroots activism can rally tens of thousands of citizens to respond favorably to new legislation, rule and regulation changes. Our experts offer valuable public testimony.

Prisology is a “go to” source and ally for national and state policymakers.

America Can Hardly Exclaim Jubilantly That It Houses 25% Of The World’s Prisoners, When It Only Has 5% Of The World’s Population.