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The harm done to the families of the incarcerated – especially children – is a severe consequence of the criminal justice system. There are 1.1 million incarcerated fathers and 120,000 imprisoned mothers in the U.S., reports the Pew Charitable Trusts.

More than 2.7 million U.S. children have an incarcerated parent, and 10 million have experienced parental incarceration in their young lives, says the Annie E. Casey Foundation. 

The harm to youth, communities, and the nation is incalculable. Parental incarceration is “the greatest threat to child well-being in the United States,” says the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation.

Prisology is working to bring prisoners with unfairly harsh sentences home sooner, to improve job and housing possibilities for ex-offenders, and to reform the criminal justice system. Improving life for prisoners and ex-offenders significantly brightens the lives of children.

Families of the incarcerated – suffering unjustly for the crimes of others – are key Prisology allies. Family participation has been vital to past Prisology victories. Your powerful pleas to lawmakers and policymakers will be just as vital in future reform successes. Join us!

The United States has for years held the unenviable distinction of being the “incarcerator in-chief,” shredding millions of American families and children.


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